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5 December 2014

05 Dec 2014

Dear Members,

More Rebates!

Another Rebate roll-out is coming soon!
We are proud to announce that many members received over $1000 from the October rebates that were redeemed in November! And.....the rebates are only getting bigger!

As many of you know, we are working towards completing the many projects that we have in the pipeline that will provide more deals, more savings and more rebates back to our members, which will make for an exciting New Year! 

Upcoming Events

Mark your Calendars for a very Special Webinar Update on Monday December 08th, 7pm MST, 9pm EST, 6pm PST, 8pm CST. Frank Servedio, Founding Member and Worldwide Member/Merchant Coordinator will be sharing new developments. Be sure to share this news about the webinar. Seating is limited to 100.

Also and very important, is the Alberta tour scheduled for December 09, 10 and 11 with Frank Servedio and special guest Louis Bouchard with MICROXx. Please see the flyer in the previous post for more details.

Shopping & Redeeming Rebates

If you have not yet received Rebates, please make sure your STPay eWallet is set up and your STPay Username is in your Dashboard to do so. Simply log into your WSC site, click on Dashboard and scroll down to the link ‘Apply for eWallet’ then click on the link and follow the steps to apply. 

Once you have set up your STPay eWallet account, you can continue on or come back and complete the set up to add a card, add a bank account and complete the verification process. Once your account is fully set up, the STPay system runs like a charm. US citizens will need to apply for their US Payroll card to receive Rebates.

Please note that shopping completed in October is invoiced in November and your Shopping Rebates arrive in December. Shop, Invoice, Redeem. As you start out there may be a month gap in receiving Shopping Rebates, but that will very quickly balance out to Shopping Rebates arriving each and every month, as long as you remain in Active Member status. (We are in this for the long haul so lets keep hauling!)

***It is important to understand that you must do THREE essential things to qualify to receive rebates;

  1. Pay your monthly membership fee on time (There is a clock on the Dashboard for your convenience)
  2. Shop to create $10 of rebates for the rebate pool 
  3. Set-up your e-wallet on your dashboard

We want our members to experience rebates every month. Once the flow of rebates commence and you remain active you can experience month to month redemption's that can grow each and every month. We want this to be a way of life for our members not a single event. 

Smart Essentials Update:

 Smart Essentials has its own support system to handle its customers more effectively. 

 To our members who have made the following purchases:

CONDO cards: All remaining cards have been shipped out. 

CONDO cards for Australia leave port this week.

ARMOURSTIXx: Remaining batch is shipping out now.

GIFT Cards: For Members who purchased their SE package early and have selected a Gift card; your cards are being shipped by the end of this week. All remaining Members who ordered a SE package after August will receive an email regarding Gift card selection by the end of the week.

CORE24: For Members who do not have a Core24, and it was in the SE package you selected, an email will arrive next week with links and instructions. For Members who already have their Core24, additional time will be added according to your package.

***Please remember that SMART ESSENTIALS is simply a supplier of third-party products, and is one of hundreds of WSC Merchants. They are working diligently to ensure the items in your SE package arrives as quickly as possible. The new SE website will be available to us soon.

Smart Essentials (SE) Packages

Whichever package you selected, the month your payment was successful is the month your monthly shopping coverage began. Membership payments began September 1, 2014.

Example: You purchased SE package #2 in August, and your payment went through in August. You are covered for 6 months of shopping. Your months covered are August, to January. In the month of February you will now shop with a WSC merchant and accumulate $10 in Rebates, and pay your monthly Membership fee to remain an Active Member. 

If you purchased package #2 in August, but your payment was not processed till September, then September begins your 6 months coverage, September to February and begin shipping in March. Check your card statements to know which month your payment was processed and you will know when your coverage began.

The SE package you chose covers your shopping for the months in your package. It does NOT pay your monthly Membership fee. We all must continue to pay for Membership each month.

When you pay your Membership Fee at the beginning of each month, you complete the first portion of your Active Member status with the Shopping Rebate system. The second portion to complete your Active Member status is to shop and create your $10 accumulated Rebates for the month. Please have you Membership fee in by the 20th of each month to ensure you remain in Active Member status each month. Check with the Members in your Shopping Group to help them remain in Active Member status.

For Members who are covered for their shopping commitment via the SE package, you can continue to shop and support Merchant Affiliates to create more Shopping Rebates. 

Member Support

The WSC now has a new Ticket System to serve our members queries faster. Simply go to the WSC website and click on support and soon one of our Member Services Representatives will reply to you as quickly as possible. 

In regards to your e-Wallet - STPay provides customer service and support if you need any assistance setting up your eWallet and/or ordering your MasterCard. 

We are family

There are many Club Volunteers working behind the scenes who want the same things you do … an easy to use system, deals and savings, more rebates and a new way to live. For some there is no better tomorrow-plan, the Club is IT for many of us. We too have families or loved ones that we want to help have a better life. Our Members and Merchants are like family to us and we all want the best for each and every one of you. Continuance and thriving is the only option open to us. We all keep going more than 15 hours each and every day, and every day it becomes more exciting as we near completion of this phase. 

Like most things, setting up custom designed systems is a process that takes time. Even when things may seem quiet and it may appear that nothing is happening…please KNOW there is plenty going on. All of us have planned a birthday or family gathering over the holidays and understand the chaos prior to the whole event coming together in the end. What we are experiencing with the club is no different except on a much grander scale of course! Like building a great big puzzle you know what it can look like with a 1000 pieces scattered all over the place making it seem like they may not fit together. Then it all connects and out of the scattered chaos a beautiful picture emerges. 

The puzzle is indeed coming together beautifully! The Club is preparing on many fronts to be ready for a GREAT New Year, and we need to be stronger now than ever before. You and your active membership is the lifeblood of the club. This club IS each and every one of you! We are on the verge of greatness with only a few pieces of the puzzle left to connect which will happen in short order now. 

The Club’s vision is not small, it encompasses the world. We consider it is an honor to be able to participate and hold the vision of our Club, to make any changes that are necessary to create success for all, and be able to help change the lives of the many that will join us in the days and years to come. You are also part of that foundation that is holding this all in place. 

As Members we all support this great vision when we pay our monthly Membership Fee. How many organizations give you a free replicated website and a system that can return some, all and more of the money you spend day to day in order to survive? 

The Club Founders are genuine people who want to give us all they can. Plus, we each have an opportunity to contribute to and share EQUALLY in a global Rebate pool. 

Can you hold to the bigger picture of why we are doing this? That the wait hasn’t been in vain, and rest in knowing that all is good, will be better than first thought possible?

YOU are why we do this.

YOU are very important to us.

YOU are why we all keep going, and will continue to do so no matter what. 

As the holiday season is upon us, let us take some time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Let’s focus on the positives, appreciate how far we have come, and let’s get excited as to what the New Year is bringing us. 

2015 will be our year to shine….and shine we will.

Happy Holidays.
Your Communications Team


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