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25 November 2014

25 Nov 2014

Hello Club Members,
With our 2nd successful roll out of Rebates complete, we have so much news to share. In our previous posts we have been eluding to the many developments taking place behind the scenes. Teams of volunteers from around the world have been working nonstop each and every day to prepare us all for our next phase of growth, and it is coming!

From new programs, system development, support materials and presentation, we felt it was time to bring some of what is in the pipeline all together and list them in one document so that our Members and Merchants could know more of what has been occurring to make our Club the best in the world.


How We Have Evolved:

  • Rebates have commenced and will continue every month!
  • Members are not purged from the club at all and do not lose their position.
  • Now a $100USD rebate per month goal, Merchants will have more leeway for lower Rebates based on WSC approval, re industry and profit margins in some categories. Majority of Merchants will remain at 10%. Your choice to spend $100USD at WSC merchants, or a combination of different % from merchants you love, or just a $25 spend at a 40% rebate merchant – creating $10USD rebate into the Rebate Pool. Some Merchants may offer percentages above 10% - between 15 and 20% or more. Percentages offered are the discretion of the Merchant. 
  • We now have a Global Tracking system and support for MA’s and for Merchants.
  • Transactions – site has had no issues in transactions – over 11,000 transactions are taking place globally with not one issue or hiccup.
  • WSC support for MA’s & Merchants who can now can sign up electronically.
  • A new Clear Cookies button is located on the WSC website. 
  • Support tracking system – offers a Professional Ticket system so that all correspondence regarding any specific matter for a Member is easy to follow for both Admin and Members till its resolution is complete.
  • PIF codes – Pre Payment of $25 member fees can be used as an awesome way to fast track both introductions to the Club and also for the ability to instantly pay and have cleared, monthly membership payments. 
  • Ability for a new person to join with a PIF code, receive an instant ID#, replicator website, and digital card, and have the ability to shop immediately, that day. 
  • Digital Cards – Provide instant access to a Membership card. Members can print off cards themselves, or take to a Printer that can do plastic cards if they wish a hard copy.
  • Ability for a new person to join with a card payment, receive ID#, replicator website, and digital Membership card within 24 hours approx. Able to shop within first 48 hours. 
  • Appointed cohesive Communications team – providing regular postings on FB, and providing answers in Skype chat room – creation & approval of WSC supporting documents and instructions, assistance with presentation compliance, wording, and style, and soon email and all Club approved documentation. 
  • Members can choose to make a temporary purchase of Core24 for one month for $25 and create a $10 Rebate for the Global pool and meet their commitment for shopping for the month. It is not a contract, and if you wish to utilise it again, you must physically purchase it for any month that you choose. Great for members that have no day to day merchants in their communities growth phase, or for covering when you go on holiday, or are ill. Keeps you as an Active member and still receiving shopping Rebates and residuals.

Members & Member Merchants can opt in to receive Rebates in PIF codes, which are a great option for families, or for expanding countries that have created meetings and Membership sharing presentations. People can sign up immediately with the PIF codes.

What is Coming:

  • Multiple worldwide real language translations (for website and materials)
  • Automated invoicing for merchants 
  • Analytics will be available soon – we will be able to see if new Members are signed up or not, or see which Members in our Shopping group are in Active mode/current with fees. Eg; Betty Sue has not paid member fees, so we can PIF for our members to make sure they are active.
  • New Club videos are in development.
  • Revised NPO presentation is in the works.
  • New presentation flipcharts are at the printers to be included in the Founders and Members packages that will be out to you very shortly.

Bitcoins – in development now. Will help Merchants and Members with lower transaction costs. This will also provide a much quicker rebate system.

Issues that Members Can Fix on Their Side of the Equation:

  • Advise the Club, and/or update on your dashboard, of phone number, email address or physical address changes.
  • Members need to create an e-wallet, or if they already have one, must input their STPay USER name created when applying for their eWallet into the field where Rebates are to go. 
  • If you do not have an eWallet, then family Members or friends can band together and send all the rebates to the one STPay eWallet account. A separate email comes from STPay for each member that directs funds to that account.
  • Once your STPay eWallet has been set up, STPay Verification is recommended. This allows for ease of flow with your STPay account.

We hope that from the list above, you can see there have been great advancements and vast improvements happening for our Club. And more is coming!

For our Members, there is a Skype chat room specifically for WSC Members. Please contact your support person, who will add you, or ask your support person for the contact details of one of the main facilitators on Skype in your local area so that you can be added to the chat room. 

In the closing this week’s post we’d like to remind our Members that many of today’s prominent companies or organizations, or the services or products we enjoy today did not become great in a day. They all had things they had to change, restructure or revise due to new ideas or technology becoming available, or even the necessity to comply with new legislation in order to become number one in their respective fields. 

Most importantly, they let nothing stop them until they grew into their greatness. Our Club is growing into its greatness because of Members and Merchants like yourself who desire a better life. We, as a Club will continue to be innovative leaders for years to come.

We’re doing our part in continuing to create the greatest Club in the world, all we would like to ask is do your part and work together by staying current with Membership fees BEFORE the end of each month, shop with our Club’s great Merchants and invite new Members and Merchants to join us, so that we can all experience a new way to live, work and play. We have the system, let’s really start using it and let it reap its rewards to our Global pool.

Have a great week.
Your WSC Communications Team

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